Bringing Literature to Life

The LPHS Library is home to approximately 27,000 volumes which include books, magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The library is also a place in which students can relax and read, research information on the internet, and process documents for one of their many courses. The technology in the library will allow students to quickly and easily access the digital card catalog, and also will allow them to access the expanse of data included on the internet. Film editing and photographic slide shows are another advantage of using the LPHS Media Center. The library offers digital film editing, soundtrack editing and creation as well as the opportunity to build high quality power point presentations.

Library Staff
Coffee House

We here at the library/media center feel that sometimes the kids need something to help them kick back and relax. That is when we got the idea for the coffee house. The coffee house will be open one Friday of every month. It is held in the library, during lunches so students aren't distracted from doing their class work. There is no admission fee, and students can purchase cappuccino and cookies for $1.00. There is live entertainment provided by the students. Any student who wants to come is welcome, just receive a pass from your 3rd hour teacher. Any student wishing to provide the entertainment for the coffee house should contact Mrs. Taylor.